We must configure our Worker. Common definitions must be defined in config.yml file, setting values for all installed Workers. Also we must config gearman cache, using doctrine cache.


If iterations value is 0, worker will not kill itself never, so thread will be alive as long as needed. The reason to allow workers to kill themselves is just to prevent each process to accumulate a large quantity of memory.

            type: file_system
            namespace: doctrine_cache.ns.gearman

   # Bundles will parsed searching workers
      # Name of bundle

         # Bundle name
         name: MmoreramerinoTestBundle

         # Bundle search can be enabled or disabled
         active: true

         # If any include is defined, Only these namespaces will be parsed
         # Otherwise, full Bundle will be parsed
            - Services
            - EventListener

         # Namespaces this Bundle will ignore when parsing
            - DependencyInjection
            - Resources

   # Resources - list of directories (relative to kernel root dir) which will be searched for workers
   # This is useful if you don't have an "AppBundle"

   # default values
   # All these values will be used if are not overwritten in Workers or jobs

      # Default method related with all jobs
      # do // deprecated as of pecl/gearman 1.0.0. Use doNormal
      # doNormal
      # doBackground
      # doHigh
      # doHighBackground
      # doLow
      # doLowBackground
      method: doNormal

      # Default number of executions before job dies.
      # If annotations defined, will be overwritten
      # If empty, 0 is defined by default
      iterations: 150

      # Default amount of time in seconds required for the execution to run.
      # This is useful if using a tool such as supervisor which may expect a command to run for a
      # minimum period of time to be considered successful and avoid fatal termination.
      # If empty, no minimum time is required
      minimum_execution_time: null

      # Default maximum amount of time in seconds for a worker to remain idle before terminating.
      # If empty, the worker will never timeout
      timeout: null

      # execute callbacks after operations using Kernel events
      callbacks: true

      # Prefix in all jobs
      # If empty name will not be modified
      # Useful for rename jobs in different environments
      job_prefix: null

      # Autogenerate unique key in jobs/tasks if not set
      # This key is unique given a Job name and a payload serialized
      generate_unique_key: true

      # Prepend namespace when callableName is built
      # By default this variable is set as true
      workers_name_prepend_namespace: true

   # Server list where workers and clients will connect to
   # Each server must contain host and port
   # If annotations defined, will be full overwritten
   # If servers empty, simple localhost server is defined by default
   # If port empty, 4730 is defined by default
         port: 4730

In development mode you do not want to cache things over more than one request. An easy solution for this is to use the array cache in the dev environment ( Extracted from DoctrineCacheBundle documentation )


            type: array
            namespace: doctrine_cache.ns.gearman